Gerard and Jade of Rancho Cucamonga

We were very impressed with the services provided by Derrick and his partner Lerma.  Finding a place to call home in Rancho Cucamonga was a very challenging experience for us because we were constantly outbidden by cash buyers and investors.  But because of the charm and wits and their professionalism, we were able to win the house of our dreams.  As we all are aware, the process of buying and selling a home is a very stressful thing.  However, they made it smooth every step of the way.  They provided daily feedback as to where we were in the process. Their background in interior design or home remodeling was a big plus as they helped us choose the right house for our big family.  Their experience in real estate investment guided us in choosing the best location for our house investment wise.  These partners have made a lifetime customer out of us.  Again, thank you very much Derrick and Lerma for all your guidance!


All the best,

Gerard and Jade